Our Story

   Our Story and our Herb Garden   

Our Story 

Leo, Monty's Father and reformed Lawyer turned Gardener, set up our herb garden initially as a way to teach his son how plants grow and how to care for them over the course of the year. 


The herb garden then, somewhat unexpectedly, yielded a lot more herbs than could be used in the normal course of cooking. As such Leo, looking for a way to preserve some of the fantastic flavours started drying the herbs and, thus, Monty's Garden was born. 

We use traditional methods of preserving the flavour and colour of the herbs.  Our drying methods look to improve the flavour of the fresh herbs so that you have the best cooking experience. 

We are a small family run business in the Forest of Dean and while we are a young organisation, our determination to quality products knows no limits. 

We always welcome comments, suggestions or ideas and would ask that you contact us. We also look for local distributors and would very much welcome local business partners. 

The Herbs


We believe in fine quality cooking and using the best home grown ingredients.  For Centuries cooks have endeavoured to maintain good supplies of herbs year round. This was originally achieved by drying or by infusing herbs with oils and vinegar. 


As times have changed, methods of preserving fresh herbs have greatly improved, however there is still a disadvantage associated with the new drying methods as they often lose there colour and flavour.   


We love our herbs and find them to be some of the best we have found so far (obviously modesty is something we have in abundance).

Our Garden is a great joy to us and we continuously look to grow new plants and herbs. By simply spending time in the Garden we can provide fresh herbs that when picked and dried correctly provide the best possible flavour for cooking. 

We used them in our own cooking and we very much hope that you can enjoy a little bit of the Forest of Dean in your kitchen.