The perfect time for Thyme

Due to the current global situation, we all find ourselves with plenty of time on our hands whilst we wait to be given the all clear to return to work or we are among those who suddenly have a lot less time because we are on the front-line of caring for the nation.

If you are fortunate enough to have more time on your hand, why not use some of your time to explore the use of the delectable thyme in your cooking? (And if you’re feeling generous, you could share your tasty meals with one of those amazing key-workers who are keeping us safe.)

Although thyme is a member of the same plant family as mint, it definitely has a very different flavour. Garden thyme is the most commonly used in cooking and has a peppery warm pungent flavour which can be used to easily add flavour to soups, casseroles and pasta dishes.

However, there are a number of other varieties of thyme with slightly different flavours that can add a unique flavour to a dish too.

One of these is lemon thyme that partners well with fish and chicken – it can even be used to make some tasty cookies. This is because it has a slightly citrus flavour that helps to make it taste slightly less bitter than the more traditional garden thyme.

A further variety is silver posie thyme that partners particularly well with many vegetables, especially mushrooms, aubergines and courgettes due to having more warmth within its flavour than garden thyme.

However, you choose to spend your time, we hope it will include some good thyme!

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