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Our wooden flower presses are ideal for that spring and summer past-time of flower pressing your wonderful garden varieties.


The flower press has 5 layers to give maximum usage and is made from strong ply to ensure they do not bend. 


The dimensions for the flower press are have 17.8 cm by 11.8 cm and approximately 5cm deep. 


Our Wooden Crafts are, like our herbs, unique to Monty’s Garden. We feel they are the perfect gift for any occasion, or perhaps a special something just for you.


Designed and made by Design by D’arcy they are individually designed and hand crafted. Each is lovingly prepared and made to an exacting specification. Design by D’arcy provide ornaments created in traditional materials using contemporary methods. 


We work closely with Design by D’arcy to create our products that are the perfect accompaniment for your home and garden. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Cow Parsley Flower Press

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