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The Monty’s Garden Notebook is a one of the kind. They are handmade and hand waxed and are designed so that the wooden cover is made out of a single piece of wood. The lattice work on the side of the book enables the book cover to bend perfectly.


 The notepads can be swapped when finished and you can keep reusing the amazing cover over and over again.


The wooden cover offers strength and protection for your note book but also gives what we think is a lovely covering that can be used over and over again.


Our Wooden Crafts are, like our herbs, unique to Monty’s Garden. We feel they are the perfect gift for any occasion, or perhaps a special something just for you.


Designed and made by Design by D’arcy (Monty’s Grandmother) they are individually designed and hand crafted. Each is lovingly prepared and made to an exacting specification. Design by D’arcy provide ornaments created in traditional materials using contemporary methods.


We work closely with Design by D’arcy to create our products that are the perfect accompaniment for your home and garden. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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